For years Historical Headstones has sought and found the finest and most intriguing photographs, and daguerreotypes of both famous and infamous individuals in history. Time has been taken to verify and authenticate our products, all to help you start or grow your collection in owning a piece of history.

Historical Headstones has collected thousands of photographs covering centuries of history and numerous categories. Some of the categories you can search include: Abolitionists, Frontiersman & Explorers, Poets, Presidents & First Ladies. 

New photos, daguerreotypes, and ambrotypes will be uploaded and added to our shop for you to view and purchase, so please feel free to check back often.

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Looking for famous women in history photos? From Annie Oakley to Emma Hart Willard, most of our unique daguerreotypes come with other samples and information further validating the authenticity of the products you purchase.


We have a large collection of photographs and daguerreotypes that cover the outlaws and heroes of the Wild West era. From the Earps and Hollidays, to Billy The Kid and Jesse James. 

We have something here for all of your collection needs.


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Recognized as one of the first successful photographic processes in history (early 1800s), which implemented the use of an iodine sensitized plate and mercury vapor. This process created highly detailed images known as “truthful likenesses”. This process gave birth to the later well-known and faster process called ambrotype.