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In December, 2016 I came across a familiar image of outlaw Jesse James in post mortem…only it wasn’t quite the pose memory had retained. It was being sold as a unknown deceased man for under $30. After buying it, I returned a week later to discover his killer, Robert Ford. Wait a minute! what was going on here? None identified, and me with just a hunch, I started looking into what the lady had sold prior to my arrival (Not Ebay), and discovered that for some eighteen months she had been selling off outlaws by the dozens to unsuspecting people for just a few dollars each.

Nothing confirmed, I tracked down each purchase, from right here in the USA to Italy, Australia, the UK and Switzerland, offering to buy-back the their purchases from the same vendor I had bought from. Each were informed that they had a photo I believed belonged to a single collection that I wanted to reunite. 99% of the responses were favorable, and I paid anywhere from five to 25 times what they purchased it for plus shipping costs. I saved every buy-back conversation, all the while purchasing dozens and albums full of suspected outlaws from the original vendor. This went on for over six months, when one return from Switzerland had the exact location my source had gotten them from! The secret was up!

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I grabbed my son and we headed to Jeffery’s Antique’s in Tiffan Ohio some 230 miles away. We arrived when they were opening, and spent the next hour buying up hundreds of images for as little as .50 cents apiece. Many outlaws obtained that day were not even known to me. Research over the next few weeks taught me a lot I had not known. One large 11″ by 14″ silver halide image contained Wyatt Earp, his parents and brothers along with best friend John “Doc” Holliday and their love interests! I had paid eight dollars for the marvel, and it sat in my room for two weeks before my source sold me an image containing the same exact people about five years later!


That is when I realized who they were, and I have since found the exact location the outdoor image was taken, along with having it authenticated by Guiness Book of World Record holder, Lois Gibson. I developed my own methods described above to scrutinize each outlaw I had found. Over 300 images traced to a single source! Then, I tried my new found abilities on images unrelated to the western group. It was astonishing the results I had encountered! Never would I have guessed other famous images could be had this day and age.

Over five years, and panning through close to a million images, I have found about 200 more that made the cut. Today, after a near six year full-time journey, I present the results in a field I cherish. Enjoy the tour!