This picture of *Ladies of the WILD BUNCH, a Tintype, is a spectacular group image. We find many reasons to identify them as the ladies of the Wild Bunch. They were also known as the Hole in the Wall Gang, who's leaders were none other than Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid! Never before has any photo obtained the level of excellence in subject matter on these outlaws before! Eight of the eleven have been identified at present. The piece is an item locked inside our vault. If you are interested, contact us for info and any pictures on-file. We can even un-vault the item, take some more quick images for you, before we fast-track it to our catalogue. A 1/6th Plate, its value is enhanced by the subject, the Western Outlaw. We will add this to our catalogue in the 25,001 - $50,000 price range.

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