This picture of *Preston Smith BROOKS, US House Representative (D-SC), a Daguerreotype, is depicting the member of the US House of Representatives (D-SC) and a strong advocate of slavery. who cane whipped US Senator and abolitionist Charles Sumner (R-Mass.) on the Senate floor in May, 1856. He did so in retaliation for Sumner's denouncement of Brook's cousin in a recent speech against slavery. All stood by as Brooks beat Sumner unconscious. Brooks was both a tyrant and a hero to southerners who sent him canes by the dozens. One had a note "Hit him again" attached to it. It would take three years recovery before Sumner returned to the senate due to his injuries. The piece is an item locked inside our vault. If you are interested, contact us for info and any pictures on-file. We can even un-vault the item, take some more quick images for you, before we fast-track it to our catalogue. A 1/4th Plate, its value is enhanced by the subject, the Politician. We will add this to our catalogue in the 5,001 - $10,000 price range.

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